Lubel Voyles LLP Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

Patent and intellectual property rights are quickly becoming fundamental to the success of modern business. When litigation is required to protect and enforce your rights, Lubel Voyles' trial attorneys are experienced to enforce or defend your patent rights. We have experience in handling infringement litigation in Texas. Lubel Voyles also defends companies accused of infringing others' patents to limit their exposure and damages.

The attorneys at Lubel Voyles have experience that provides them with the skills needed to protect a client's patent or intellectual property rights. Regardless of the subject matter of the patent or intellectual property at issue, Lubel Voyles' attorneys are committed to pursuing and protecting our clients' patent rights from the inception of the case to the end. In patent litigation and intellectual property cases, Lubel Voyles considers a variety of fee structures including contingency fee, hourly fee, flat fee, or a hybrid fee.

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