Lubel Voyles LLP Practice Areas

Ad Valorem Taxes

If experience matters to you, please consult with Lubel Voyles. Lubel Voyles has tried ad valorem tax cases to jury verdict, represented property owners over billion dollar value disputes, successfully appealed the appraisal district's fishing expeditions for documents not related to property value, and repeatedly been asked to provide expert legal advice at the largest ad valorem tax seminar in the state of Texas. Lubel Voyles should be your first choice.

Lubel Voyles only represents property owners and lessees in their ad valorem legal matters.  We offer start to finish representation from the administrative process through jury trial and appeal if needed.  Our attorneys have experience fighting the appraisal districts over valuations of complex refineries, pipelines, office buildings, and convenience stores.   We are experienced handling cases in most jurisdictions in Texas from El Paso to Beaumont and have provided legal consultation to a Fortune 20 company concerning properties in Oklahoma and California.

Lubel Voyles representation typically involves claims that the property in question was valued in excess of market value and/or was not valued equally and uniformally to comparable properties.  We can assist you in valuing your real property, improvements, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and inventory.  We are open to flexible fee structures including contingency fee, hourly fee, flat fee, or a hybrid fee.

If you have an ad valorem tax issue, please contact Lubel Voyles today to schedule a free initial consultation at 713-284-5200 or E-mail.


Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Eminent domain and condemnation power are terms that are frequently used interchangeably.  Eminent domain is the inherent power of government or certain private companies acting under government authority to take private property for public use.   Condemnation is the formal act by which the authority with eminent domain power transfers title from the private property owner to the condemning authority.   The most common projects are the construction or expansion of infrastructure such as roads, highways, bridges, power lines, pipelines, rail lines, dams, water reservoirs, public buildings, drainage, flood control projects, and a variety of easements.

The United States and Texas Constitution guarantee just compensation when a condemning authority takes private property.  The evaluation of whether you have been offered "just compensation" required by law involves appraisal of the taken property and any decrease in value to remaining property.   

If you have an eminent domain or condemnation issue, please contact Lubel Voyles today to schedule a free initial consultation at 713-284-5200 or E-mail.