Lubel Voyles LLP News

01-14-2010 Class Action filed against Remington Arms
03-22-2010 Employee Hired Back by City of Lubbock while Lawsuit pending
07-21-2010 City of Lubbock loses Summary Judgment
07-21-2010 Judge decides Lawsuit may proceed to Trial
08-03-2010 Seaman sues after suffering crush injury to his hand
10-14-2010 Jury sides with Ellerbrook, awards $243,000


12-28-2009 Class Action lawsuit alleges Defective Rifles


04-22-2008 Family of press operator files suit for benzene exposure
05-22-08 BP Must Face Worker Suit in Texas Blast Case, State Judge Rules

05-23-08 Amaranth, Morgan Stanley, BP, IG, HSBC in Court News
07-02-08 BP Manager Says Budget Cuts Might Be Linked to Blast


03-30-07 City of Houston News Release - Office of the Mayor
05-31-07 Shrinking the World & Expanding Connections
09-19-07 Billboard crackdown takes on advertisers
09-19-07 BP Trial turns to $1 billion refinery project
12-12-07 Three BP plaintiffs recall day of tragedy


02-06-06 Plaintiff Seeks MDL Consolidation in Property Tax Cases
07-01-06 What Does Strayhorn Have in Common with Clinton and Kennedy
09-15-06 School of Sharks (part 1)
10-01-06 Texas Super Lawyers


4-29-05 Oild industry funding study to contradict cancer claims/ Research will analyze effects of benzene on workers in China
04-29-05 Petroleum Industry Funds Challenge to Benzene Study
06-24-05 Yahoo Shuts Many Chat Rooms as Minors are Solicited for Sex
07-24-05 Stealth Demo Trial Lawyers Hurl Money at GOPer Strayhorn


10-01-04 Texas Super Lawyers Article